What Does The Vertical Garden Do?

Our vertical garden is engineered to provide an ideal growing environment for a variety of plants and vegetables. It does all of the dirty work for you, so you can spend time harvesting and enjoying your greens.

🌱 Automated Watering

🌱 Automated Plant rotation for optimal sunlight

🌱 Compost friendly

🌱 Vertical design for maximum greens

Prototyping An Automated Vertical Gardening System [Part 1]

Looking at a summer back in the office—but don’t want your plants to die? Join us as we reimagine a vertical garden into an automatic gardening system—and let us know what we should add next!

A common problem is when people go on vacation their plants always die. So this solves that problem because it can water itself and you can spin it twice a day for even light coverage, so your plants won’t die.
-Will, engineer and gardening enthusiast

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The Backstory

Just like so many others, Josh and WIll developed a passion for gardening while working from home during quarantine. Now that they are heading back into the office they need a way to keep their beloved plants alive. They noticed many new gardening enthusiasts shared the same concern and, in classic FirstBuild fashion, set out to create a prototype that could help their plants survive and thrive while they were away.

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