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SwitchTop: The Indoor Outdoor RV Cooktop

Introducing SwitchTop, the RV cooktop you can use as your primary cooking surface, then easily lift and transport outdoors for your next adventure!

This cooktop adapts to easily move from one location to another to fit any of your cooking needs without the need for buying multiple appliances. SwitchTop will be offered in both gas and induction options.

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Features and Benefits

🏕 Choose from either gas or induction option

🏕 Multiple grilling surface options

🏕 Integrated igniter

🏕 Enjoy the cooktop that’s built to go wherever you go!

🏕 Sleek design looks great in your RV, mounted to the side, at your next tailgate…virtually anywhere!

The Backstory

SwitchTop is the creation of an industrial designer who desired more out of their RV. Tired of having to buy multiple appliances, the team created a hybrid cooktop for both indoor and outdoor use.

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