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At FirstBuild, We Invent What’s Next—Together

FirstBuild is a destination for makers who are fueled by a relentless drive to create what’s next through co-creation with you, its community.

Our microfactory, open makerspace, online community and go-to-market approaches lead to innovative products people love.

Meet The Makers

At FirstBuild, we are engineers, artisans, marketers and makers with a relentless passion to invent what’s next for the home.

André Zdanow

Executive Director

Chris Naber

Product Director

Laura Hammond

Commercial Director

Sam DuPlessis

Senior Engineering Director

Tom Elsner

Manufacturing Operations Director

Gus Ford

Product Developer

Tim Gillespie

Electron Goblin

Jared Hannah

Product Developer

Brenden Hoover

Manufacturing Engineer

Bobby Lindsey

Software Product Developer

Rick Suel

Engineering Director

Jody Stull

Product Development Technician

Scott Tarr

Product Developer

Ken Carpenter

Product Developer

Collin Sage

Content Producer

Josh Price

Marketing Specialist

Marrisa Robinson

Maker Space Manage