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Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charger

The 1B-EVSE is an intelligent car charger that adjusts the charging speed of your electric vehicle to allow your vehicle to charge using excess capacity from your existing appliance circuit. Now you don't have to worry about tripping your breaker while running your appliances and charging your EV!

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Laura Hammond

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The Backstory

Tech guru, Bobby, started talking with another GE employee about electric vehicles and their problems. They both realized their old houses couldn’t support charging while also running other appliances. In typical maker fashion, Bobby started hacking away at an EV charger and was able to create a prototype that could balance his home’s electrical load.

” The future is going all-electric. The charging infrastructure is going to be a challenge. So the solution here is an EV charger installed in your home connected to Wi-Fi that communicates with the appliances in your household so it can optimize its charging profile based on what is going on with your appliances. It allows me to do everything I need to do in my house, without tripping my main breaker.

-Johnathan Crosby, Co-Inventor, EV Enthusiast, Maker

What Does The Intelligent EV Charger Do?

⚡️ Up To 48 AMP Charging Capability

⚡️ Wi-Fi Connected With GE Appliances

⚡️ Continuous Charging While Other Appliances Are In Use

⚡️ Dynamic Charging Speed Based On Available Capacity

⚡️ No Home Electrical Infrastructure Changes Required

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