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Doug: The Smart Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starters can be notoriously picky eaters. That's why we invented Doug: The Smart Sourdough Lid.

Interested in baking delicious sourdough bread but worried about your starter? Doug monitors your starter's growth and notifies you when it's time to feed, giving you the confidence you need to start your sourdough.

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Doug’s Features

🥖 A sensor to measure height differences in your starter

🥖 A temperature and humidity sensor to track the starter’s environment

🥖 Data-driven notifications alerting you when your starter is ready for feeding

🥖 Integrated LCD

“I have been making bread for the past year, but have been nervous about Sourdough because it can die so easily. I started working on Doug so we can simplify all of the variables and provide notifications about what your sourdough needs and when it needs it.”

— Alli, FirstBuild Engineering Co-Op

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