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Coffee Grinder Silencer

After doing some market research, the team discovered coffee enthusiasts across the globe who have come up with their own DIY solutions to creating a quieter method of grinding coffee.

Inspired by the maker community's ingenuity, the FirstBuild team decided to hit the lab and begin making some coffee grinder silencer prototypes!

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What other coffee related appliances should we create?
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The Backstory


FirstBuild engineer Justin is an avid coffee enthusiast and loves to grind fresh coffee beans in the morning. While the smell of fresh ground coffee can be heavenly for coffee drinkers, the sound of the grinder can be pretty annoying. Justin’s daughter found the noise particularly annoying, so her Dad decided to do something about it. With the help of Makers Austin and Tim, the team set out to solve the noisy coffee grinder problem.

Prototyping a Coffee Grinder Silencer

Follow along as Austin and Tim make, break, and deliver in their pursuit of quiet coffee.



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