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Aging meats and cheeses can open up a new world of flavor possibilities, but the process can be challenging without expensive, specialized equipment. That's why we're co-creating Cavern: The Automated Aging Chamber, with Eric from 2 Guys and a Cooler.

Cavern is an affordable alternative to commercially available dry aging chambers. Now you can effortlessly age cheese, cure charcuterie, and dry age meats right in the comfort of your home.

Join the community to gain access to our beta-tester application, product updates, and big discounts when we launch!



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What would you cure in Cavern?
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What would be a fair price for Cavern?
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What features should Cavern include?
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What will Cavern do?

We’ve heard from the home-charcuterie community that Cavern needs to feature the following:

🥩 Automated humidity control

🥩 Broad range temperature control for dry aging, charcuterie or cheese aging

🥩 Air exchange system

🥩 Affordable price

🥩 Large enough for prosciutto

🥩 Anti-bacterial stainless steel construction

🥩 Large capacity water tray

🥩 Transparent door

🥩 Independent humidification & dehumidification systems

” Meat curing is something that allows a really incredible improvement in the taste of meats and cheeses. Let’s follow through and make a real product. “

-Don, FirstBuild Community Member

Co-creating with @2GuysaCooler

At FirstBuild, we share our product journeys super early—even when it’s still in development! That’s so we can get and act on all your feedback—before a product gets finalized. That’s the spirit in which we sold the first (and, at the time, only!) Cavern to YouTuber @2GuysaCooler. Eric and his community helped us identify some of Cavern’s needs on sizing, humidification and dehumidification. Watch Eric’s videos to see our co-creation journey!

What’s next for Cavern?

FirstBuilder Ryan is still working through Cavern 2.0, though he’s pretty close to both the humidification and dehumidification systems working as intended. Join the community to get updates on Cavern’s development—and help us decide what this product needs next!

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