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The Snore-Cool Minisplit for apartments / Window AC Alternative

Window AC's are not great, but when you need one you want that cool air pushed in the right direction. The Snore-Cool is a vertical mini split system that can automate the effective cooling of your small or divided space. Additionally, it's design allows it to leverage existing Window AC chases to make installation flexible. Just recycle your old AC and insert Snorle's Intelligent Heat Pump into the same footprint. The Snore-Cool is a 6-10" diameter tube with a motorized air defuser at the top. Within the tube we have a circular condenser that improves the transfer of heat energy by upto 60%. The Snor-cool has a companion app that helps you define schedules, routines, and monitor energy use. The motorized air defuser can take pre-defined positions at set times or by a simple press of the button. Making it super easy to have fresh cool air directed to your kitchen, sofa, or bed depending on time of day or activity. Options include - UV - HEPA Filtration - High Velocity Output - Multiple SnorCool This device is great for divided multi-use spaces. It's design makes installation DIY and flexible. It's features help it's users manage expensive cooling in small spaces.

Jason Golden

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