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Christmas lighting/string lighting

Hello, have you ever been outside on your roof putting up Christmas lights and finally got across your roof, just to have a few more feet of lights left to go? (You’re out of roof though) my idea seems simple but I need someone to help me out. I don’t know if I could actually make it work. What if I or a company such as GE build a string of lights that are on a reel of some sort with circuit dividers(this is where I don’t know if it’s possible) . Plug the lights in and then string them where you need to go. Once you’re done, “cut the line right where you need it too” per se” and you’re done with no extra lights!! I don’t know, I’m definitely no electrician but I do hang a ton of Christmas lights and I feel this would be a life saver around the holiday season.

Tyler Nicolo

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