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Deep Freezer Expanding Shelf System

My idea stems from me being 5'3" and using a deep freezer- and having issues reaching items in the bottom of the appliance. So my idea is to have an expanding/collapsible shelf system that extends and collapses when you open/close the lid that can be universally added to any basic deep freezer someone might own currently already, that would allow them easy access to things on the bottom of the freezer- better utilize the space in a deep freeze appliance (versus everything just being stacked on each other and foods placed on the bottom get forgotten about), plus can help when you might need to thaw your freezer and clean it, be able to sort and organize your items better to know what you have or are in need of. This idea, I picture in my head to be similar to that of a fishing tackle box- with multiple layered deep shelves that fit inside the appliance and neatly stack when the lid is closed, and will rise up and split apart making all shelves easily accessible when the lid is open.

Amanda Baggett

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