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Clothes Dryer Inlet Filter

Ladies and gentlemen, One day while doing laundry I pulled a black t shirt out of the dryer only to find it completely covered in dust and pet hair. This was so bad that it could not be worn and needed to be washed again but the problem with that is, the clothes would still needed to be dried again in the same dryer. This was the moment when it came to me, we are all placing our freshly cleaned clothes in the dryer and drying them with air filled with dust, dirt and pet hair. Looking for a solution I went to the local home store and bought an off the shelf air filter and with magnetic tape secured the filter over the air inlet louvers on the back side of the dryer. After drying 1 or 2 loads of clothes and getting all the hair, dirt and dust worked out of the dryer that was already in there, all traces of pet hair and dust were gone from the clothes. From the photo below of the filter you can see just how dirty the air is that we are using to dry our freshly cleaned clothes. My submission proposes moving the air intake from the back of the dryer to the side. Using a louvered air inlet opening on the side and a slotted opening on the front with a door cover where you CAN slide the old filter out and INSERT a new one PRETTY MUCH like changing the air filter on your furnace. Selling points for the consumer: • Freshly cleaned clothes dried with fresh clean air. • Great for pet owners. • Cleaner air for drying clothes, no more dirty, dusty pet hair filled air in the dryer. • Convenient and easy to change filter. • Filters can be purchased in store, online or delivered right to your doorstep automatically every 3, 4, or 6 months so no need to remember when it is time to change the filter. Key points for GE: • Filter option sold as a markup to the dryer. • Filters designed specifically for GE dryers so they can’t be bought in a local home improvement store from existing filters. • Dryer filters can be sold in store, online or delivered to the home on an auto renewal subscription basis every 3, 4, 6 months to provide an additional ongoing revenue stream.

Nathan Sackett

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