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Smart Wine Fridge Storage System

I am an avid wine drinker and most important of all, I love collecting wines. The problem I have and most of my collector friends is that it is difficult to keep accurate track of wine collection when it gets to be over 100 bottles. There are application that you can track your collection, however, they are extremely time consuming because each wine has to be entered manually. If you have a wine collection of 100 bottles it may take you at lease 3-5 hours to enter it the first time, then there is no easy way of updating it when you take a bottle out of it. Here is my idea. We already make wine coolers, my recommendation is to add a smart scanner which knows the layout of the fridge and helps you to keep track of where each bottle is. I have searched and I have not seen a product that combines all three features in one. (scanner, fridge layout for bottle location and inventory management) I’ve asked some of my “collector” friends (individuals who have at least 300 – 500 bottles and this a major problem they have. Keeping track where that special bottle is when you have a fridge that holds 200 – 300 bottles or even worst when you have several fridges it becomes a difficult task. I would pay a premium if I can add a barcode scanner to help me keep track of my small collection. When do we get started?

felix martinez

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