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Free Standing Nugget Ice Maker with RO, UV, and Auto-Cooler Fill

Take the existing Opal nugget ice maker, add a base containing a tankless RO system and UV light. Create a 20 foot long "umbilical" for fresh water, waste water, and power. RO Waste Line will enable self-cleaning with cartridge based solutions and fully automated cleaning over night. Cycling based on usage. Add ultrasonic ice level sensor to trigger ice production after melt. Add UV light setup for ICE bin. Daily reservoir flush cycle fully drains and refills. Boost mode ignores schedule, can work in conjunction with a machine to cooler ice funnel that snaps in to the machine, allowing you to place a cooler at the base of the ice maker and produce bulk ice quickly directly into a cooler. Maybe add pressure sensors to detect tube deflection to sense when cooler is full. Options Child Water Dispenser Larger Bin 2-3 lbs. Ice Dispense w/bin option 5 Gal jug option for supply and waste.

Jason Golden

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