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Blackbox spice organizer

This product would be an enclosed container that stores individual spice containers like a CD changer. Its dimensions would be approx. 11 3/4” wide by 11 3/4” deep by 4” high. This would allow for an approx. capacity of 100 (10x10) or 81 (9x9) containers. The customer would insert a spice container into a door at the front of the unit and input what spice it is (e.g., “Dill”) into a screen, kind of like the “Look up product” screen on a Kroger self-checkout lane. The container would receive the spice the way a CD player receives a CD, store it using a traversing X-Y system, and keep a memory of where that spice is stored on its X-Y grid. Later when the customer needs a spice, they can press a button and start entering the name of the spice they want, or select it from the full inventory shown on the screen. The unit would then move whatever other spices it needs to in order to clear a path for the Dill, then extract and eject that container at the front door.

Tim Khan

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