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Automatic Stir Fry Feature For Wall Oven

This disclosure describes the design of a wall oven’s automatic stir fry feature, which frees a cook from the labor-intensive cooking process. The innovative designs of this disclosure are: 1)a wall oven’s special convection mode that uses hot, fast-moving air to fry ingredients with a small amount of oil; 2)motor powered stir fry arm that has three blades with the shape of right triangular prism; 3)stir fry pot that can be easily secured on a dedicated oven rack. With the innovation described by this disclosure, a consumer can start an automatic stir fry cooking in a wall oven by the following simple steps: 1)set up stir fry arm; 2)set up stir fry pot; 3)load stir fry pan with all ingredients; 4)set STIR FRY mode and START.

Haitian Hu

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