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Automated Spice Rack insert for existing consumer / commercial cabinetry

Spice storage is a pain and forgetting your out is frustrating. Add to this the expense of some spices and cooking at home can get expensive and wasteful. We propose an automated spice dispenser that retrofits your existing cabinet with a sealed storage for spices, grains, and other dried goods often dispensed in small quantities during cooking. The automated spice race is a fully integrated solution that doesn't take up counters-space by enhancing the storage you're already using for spices. The device is dynamic with options for vacuum storage, grain dispensing by weight, automated dosing of spices into user defined, or better yet professional chief defined spice mixes you can subscribe to, the system will order refills on its own. OH and never waste expenses spices again. As our companion app will recommend dishes based on supply availability and age. Commercial and Residential options, premium brand experience.

Jason Golden

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