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Add filter system back to washing machines

I have a 32 yr old GE washer top loader that has the plastic filter on the agitator which collects all the lint/pet hair when the rinse water goes through. This was an awesome feature on the older models. The new models do not have this and the fix was that the lint pet hair goes down the drain. There are websites out there that address this elimination of the old filters and how the drains get clogged with the no filter. Maytag has recently come out with a pet pro filter that brings this feature back. there are blogs on this where folks are actually buying old washers that have this former feature and using them to avoid the lack of a removable filter. My 32 yr old GE washer still works but hoping that GE brings that filter feature back to their washers. It is a convience that shouldn't have been eliminated.

Kathleen Ridgeway

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