What Does The Job Site Microwave Do?

🚧. Battery Powered Full-Size Microwave

🚧. Ice-less Cooler Cold Storage

🚧. Removable Battery Packs

🚧. Handle and Rugged Wheels

🚧. Durable Design

🚧. Freedom To Enjoy Hot Food Anywhere, Anytime

The Job Site Microwave was invented to make hot food more accessible for people without immediate access to electricity, such as construction workers or campers. I used to work construction and had to eat cold sandwiches every day, which wasn't very fun.
-Symon Harrah, FirstBuild Creative Leader and Hot Food Enthusiast

Prototyping The Job Site Microwave

Is there anything worse than a cold burrito? Probably not. In this episode of FIrstBuild Concepts, Symon and Collin put their heads together to prototype a portable microwave!


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Symon is currently brainstorming other use cases for the job site microwave. Head over to CoCreate and help him out.


The Backstory

Symon worked in construction for a few years and was always frustrated by the inability to warm up his lunch. With the release of a new, more powerful battery, Symon realized he could create a portable microwave and help his construction friends out.

Say goodbye to cold sandwiches, and hello to hot burritos...

Are you interested in testing out this prototype? We'd like to co-create this product with someone who can help us improve the design and feature set. If you think you are qualified, apply to cocreate this product with FirstBuild. If you are selected, we might send our one-of-a-kind prototype to you to test, provide feedback, and iterate on.


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