Making The Sauce Master 3000

Do you struggle to get the last drops out of your ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise? Introducing the Sauce Master 3000, a FirstBuild first prototype designed to help you cover your delicious food in condiments. You’ll never have a problem coating your liverwurst in hot sauce again!

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The Backstory

Symon, FirstBuild's Creative Director, was using a power tool on his kitchen table and noticed the vibration of the tool caused the liquid in a BBQ sauce bottle on his table to fall to the bottom of the bottle. Tired of vigorously shaking condiment bottles to get the last drops out, Symon imaged the Sauce-Master 3000 and began hacking away at a prototype.

"The goal of the Sauce-Master 3000 is to transfer liquid from one side of a condiment container to the other so that individuals can extract the contents more easily."
-Symon Harrah, Creative Leader, FIrstBuild

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