Mella Mushroom Fruiting Chamber: Crowdfund Completion Update

The fungi community CRUSHED Mella's crowdfunding goal! After backers contributed over $550,000 in funds, we are now gearing up for production. Watch this video for an update and what you can expect moving forward.


Don't just take it from us...

This thing is awesome. For at-home-mushroom growers that want a simple solution, it's really hard to beat something like this. Not only does it look cool and display your mushrooms while growing, it actually works!
-Tony Shields, FreshCap Mushrooms CEO

Mella Setup Instructional Video

Watch this video if you have just received your Mella and are beginning to set it up.


Mella Humidification Filters

Mella's humidification filters are reusable. Simply remove, rinse well and reinstall. Plan to replace the filters every few grows. This pack contains 4 filters.


For California Residents:

Tool reservations are now available! Sign up here to reserve a tool.