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Mella: Community Open Source Project

From the time we shared our first prototype to the last Mella sold, we’ve co-created with you, the Mella community. Now, your collaborative spirit has been the inspiration for Mella’s next steps.

We’ll be handing over our design files so that anyone in our community and beyond can continue to hack, make, and iterate to create endless new accessories and opportunities for Mella to grow moving forward.

If you’re a Mella user who is interested in customization, we’ve listed all of Mella’s design files here for you to have, for free. Want the source code to make your own settings? It’s here. Need the design files so you can modify the unit? They’re here too. Hacking Mella’s design files makes it possible to experiment with a host of features you want to see. Our Original Files are listed below.

Thank you for continuing to co-create Mella with us. This project would not exist without your creative input and passion for mushroom growing. We’re excited to see what you, the community, come up with next. Share it with the Mella Facebook group HERE



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Licensing Disclosure

FirstBuild and its parent company GE Appliances, a Haier company, agree to not pursue any claims solely related to noncommercial personal use, or non-profit educational use, of the Mella Smart Mushroom Fruiting Chamber designs, software or other related information published on this site.  By using this information, you acknowledge that the information is being provided “as-is,” without any representation or warranty, express or implied as to its accuracy or completeness, and you assume any responsibility resulting from its use by you.  You agree not to sue FirstBuild or its parent for any cause related to the information or your use of this information.

This covenant does not extend to any sales or transfer of products produced using this information, or the information itself, for commercial gain.  We reserve all available actions under our intellectual property rights, including patent rights, against any commercial use or exploitation of this information.

Mella Open Source Assets

Will New Mella Accessories or Versions Be Coming Out?

FirstBuild won’t be developing any additional Mella accessories or versions. With the files now open, we hope that you – our community of experts – can continue to find new ways for Mella to grow. You can freely explore different humidity techniques, light sequences, and much more. Hacking Mella’s design files makes it possible to experiment with a host of features you want to see.

When Will Mellas Be Back In Stock? What About Parts?

FirstBuild won’t be restocking or shipping any more Mellas. You are empowered to take Mella to the next level and we’ve got parts to help you get there. We have a catalogue of OEM parts available to you below. Parts are only available while current supplies last.

Mella Video Playlist

Click here to head over to YouTube to watch all 26 Mella videos – from co-creation to crowdfund and beyond!

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