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Mella: The Smart Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

Love gourmet mushrooms? Grow them at home easily with Mella! With Mella, you can control lights, fresh air exchange and humidity to grow delicious, edible mushrooms in the comfort of your home. Mella was successfully crowdfunded in October 2021, and we are delivering to backers now.

Orders placed now have an expected delivery date of January, 2023.





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What is Mella?

Made for those mad about mushrooms, Mella is a countertop appliance that automates the inputs necessary to grow delicious, edible mushrooms in the comfort of your home.

Journey to Mella

Updates on how Mella started and how it is going!

How does it work?

Mella enables the ability to control lights, fresh air exchange and humidity to provide the best environment for growing gourmet mushrooms. This process makes growing and harvesting much simpler, and the conditions can be altered by moving the different dials located on the chamber. 


🍄 Sleek design makes the chamber easy to clean after each fruiting

🍄 Side Tank add-on to minimize time spent refilling

🍄 Fruiting Blocks available through Partnership with North Spore


Here are the features and specifications for the Mella: Smart Mushroom Fruiting Chamber.
Capacity Multiple Fruiting Blocks can fit based on size
Dimensions 25.25 in wide x 16.5 in height x 16.5 in deep
Weight Empty 25 lbs
Rate Growth rate dependent on Mushroom Species
Warranty 90-Day Limited Warranty

Council of Mella

To launch Mella, the FirstBuild team built an ecosystem of mushroom enthusiasts, mycology experts and sales partners that has included YouTube and Instagram influencers, FirstBuild community members and other companies respected in the gourmet mushroom space. 

Part of FirstBuild’s mission is to co-create with community. The team started by sharing Mella on YouTube at its earliest stages, then sold its first (and at the time, only) prototype to Tony Shields, a mushroom expert with a large YouTube following.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Thanks to the fungi community, Mella was funded in under 90 minutes and raised over $550,000 on Indiegogo! 


“We’re thrilled that the community of mushroom enthusiasts continues to show their support for Mella. Now, we’re gearing up FirstBuild’s microfactory to prepare for manufacturing.”

Chris Naber, FirstBuild’s Director of Product Development


Mella grows a variety of gourmet mushrooms so you don’t have to! Use Mella to grow Blue Oysters, Golden Oysters, Pink Oysters, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, King Trumpet, Chestnut, Nameko, and Pioppino mushrooms.

Mella automates and controls humidity and fresh air exchange. Mella also has easy-on lights.
No, Mella cannot be stacked.

We’re currently delivering to backers in the order in which they were purchased. Those who have purchased  Mella outside the crowdfunding period can expect deliveries to begin in Novemer 2022.

Mella does not control temperature.


Mella does not come with mushrooms. However, early backers can choose to purchase mushroom fruiting kits at a discount throughout the crowdfund thanks to our partners at North Spore.
Yes. Mella is available in the U.S. and Canada.
No. After consulting with our beta testers-experts and influencers in the mushroom industry- we integrated all of Mella’s controls into easy-access, on-unit dials. No Wi-Fi connection or app download required!
Mella can be used in the kitchen, basement, living room – anywhere there’s a 110v plug!

Still have a question?

Email us here; we’re happy to help!

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