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Back To Work Smart Garden

During quarantine, many of us spent our time stuck at home developing new hobbies like gardening. Just because we're heading back to the office doesn't mean our plants have to suffer neglect, which is why we're building an automated smart gardening system.

Comment below and let us know how you think this invention could be improved!

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What would you grow in your Smart Garden?
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The Backstory

Just like so many others, Josh and Will developed a passion for gardening while working from home during quarantine. In classic FirstBuild fashion, they set out to create a prototype that could help their plants survive and thrive while they were away.

What Does The Vertical Garden Do?

Our vertical garden is engineered to provide an ideal growing environment for a variety of plants and vegetables. It does all of the dirty work for you, so you can spend time harvesting and enjoying your greens.

🌱 Automated Watering

🌱 Automated Plant rotation for optimal sunlight

🌱 Compost friendly

🌱 Vertical design for maximum greens

A common problem is when people go on vacation their plants always die. So this solves that problem because it can water itself and you can spin it twice a day for even light coverage, so your plants won’t die.

— WIll, engineer and gardening enthusiast

Prototyping An Automated Vertical Gardening System [Part 1]

Looking at a summer back in the office—but don’t want your plants to die? Join us as we reimagine a vertical garden into an automatic gardening system—and let us know what we should add next!


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