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Arden Indoor Smoker

With the Arden Indoor Smoker, you can smoke delicious food inside, right on your countertop. That’s thanks to its active smoke filtration system that removes the smoke, but leave the delicious smell. Imagine being able to smoke ribs easily on any given Tuesday—without having to go fire up the big smoker or even change out of your slippers. The Arden Indoor Smoker is a pitmaster-approved pellet smoker reimagined for indoor, not outdoor, use. 



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Does It Compare to Outdoor Smokers?

Our pitmaster-approved indoor smoker rivals the performance of traditional pellet smokers. Get delicious bark and a perfectly smoky flavor without leaving your house.

Get Kona Pellets

Kona pellets offer pure wood quality and convenient packaging ideal for use with the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker. Kona offers a variety of wood pellets in manageable 1 lb (.45 Kg) bags. These ultra-premium hardwood pellets guarantee high BTUs and clean-burning low-ash performance. Get Your Pellets Here!

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