FreshCap Mushroom CEO, Tony Shields, Tests and Reviews Our Mella Prototype

Wonder what it would be like to have a mini chamber that provided the perfect conditions for mushrooms? Wonder no more! In this video, Tony tests out our first Mella prototype. It works super well, but as with any prototype, Tony suggests a few improvements that would make it even better.

This thing is awesome. For at-home-mushroom growers that want a simple solution, it's really hard to beat something like this. Not only does it look cool and display your mushrooms while growing, it actually works!
-Tony Shields, FreshCap Mushrooms CEO

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The Backstory

Danny, an avid mushroom eater and engineer at FirstBuild, was tired of overpaying for mushrooms at the grocery store. In typical FirstBuild fashion, Danny grabbed another FirstBuild engineer and began hacking away at a mushroom fruiting chamber prototype. The result? Mella: The Smart Mushroom Fruiting Chamber.


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