Your Kitchen's Pitmaster

Imagine being able to smoke ribs easily on any given Tuesday—without having to go fire up the big smoker or even change out of your slippers. Arden is a pitmaster-approved pellet smoker reimagined for indoor, not outdoor, use. With Arden, you can effortlessly smoke food from the comfort of your kitchen.

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Indoor Smoker

Jeremy Yoder AKA Mad Scientist BBQ Taste-Tests The Arden Indoor Smoker

Jeremy Yoder, aka Mad Scientist BBQ, is exactly who he says he is...he's mad (about good BBQ) and is also a former chemistry and biology teacher.

We couldn't believe it when we heard Jeremy lives in Kentucky and invited him to FirstBuild to put Arden to the test. Watch the video to find out what Jeremy thinks of Arden!

Enough to Share

Arden’s small footprint but large capacity means that, whatever your hunger, Arden can handle it. Arden can fit two racks of ribs at a time, a couple dozen chicken wings or an average-sized pork butt. That means you can feed your crew any night of the week — without having to fire up the big smoker outside.

Engineered for Efficiency

Arden’s innovative smoke generation system means it needs just a fraction of your favorite wood pellets as your outdoor smoker would take to achieve the same pitmaster-approved results. Air flow engineered to constantly provide fresh smoke.

Innovative Smoke Elimination Technology

Arden generates fresh smoke and keeps it circulating over your food throughout the cooking cycle. Its state-of-the-art smoke elimination technology keeps the smoke inside Arden, not in your kitchen.

Game-changing Precision

Arden has been engineered with ultimate control in mind. Unlike traditional outdoor smokers, Arden controls temperature and smoke separately, enabling it to dynamically respond for great results every time.

Set-and-go Functionality

With Arden, you don’t have to set your schedule by the smoker. Arden cooks and smokes without oversight, then will hold your food warm until you’re ready to enjoy.

From the Birthplace of the Opal™ Nugget Ice Maker

Arden and its state-of-the-art smoke elimination technology were born at FirstBuild, the open innovation hub for GE Appliances and birthplace of the Opal™.

"[Arden] will help people make quality food - better tasting food - at their convenience and their timetable."
-Hal Wagner, Pitmaster/Owner of Charcoal & More

Arden's Timeline

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Concept and Prototyping

We've spent the last year perfecting our smoke filtration technology, prototyping our unique indoor smoker, and testing it with experts and friends.

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The Launch Campaign

The 30-day Launch Campaign lets us know if there is a viable market for the Arden Indoor Smoker. When you back this product, you help push this product closer to production.


Final technical and design polish. Field testing and production details are being finalized. The ultimate goal: to deliver to you the highest quality indoor smoker, ever.

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The final step in Arden's jouney is the one to your countertop.

Concept Currently In...
Launch Campaign To Be Announced
Production To Be Announced
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Shipping To Be Announced

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Tech Specs

Approx. Size 16" tall x 18.5" deep x 15" wide
Device Countertop Smoker
Volts / Frequency / Current 120 VAC; 60Hz; 15Amps
Anticipated Accessories Racks, drip tray, meat probe
Product warranty One year limited warranty
Installation Clearance 3", side and back


Arden Indoor SmokerArden Traeger Lil' Tex Elite 22 Big Green EggLarge Big Green Egg
Indoor verified Created with Sketch.
Size/Dimensions 16" x 18.5" x 15" 49" x 42" x 22" Diameter: 18.1" H: 33.1"
Economic Pellet Fuel verified Created with Sketch. verified Created with Sketch.
Precision Control Interface verified Created with Sketch. verified Created with Sketch.
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Est. Wood Cost (based on a 12-hour run) $ $$ N/A (Charcoal)

For California Residents:

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