The Next Revolution in Real Wood Smoking

Nothing beats real smoke taste

But outdoor smoking has its drawbacks, so we decided to make Arden, a modern indoor smoker that sits on your countertop. Now, anyone from the foodie looking to break into the smoked foods game to the seasoned pitmaster looking to expand their repertoire can smoke foods any day of the week from the comfort of inside their home.

Real Wood, Real Smoke, Real Taste

Real Wood Pellets

People who smoke meats aren't the type to compromise on flavor, and we would never ask you to. Arden uses wood pellets, indoors, for a 100% natural and authentic smoke flavor.

Trusted Technology

We aren’t trying to smoke your house, just your food. Using technology innovated at FirstBuild for the Monogram Hearth Oven, Arden leaves your BBQ perfectly smoked and your curtains not.

Convenient and Compact

Big enough to smoke a Boston Butt, but small enough to sit on your countertop, Arden is the perfect size for smoking food from the comfort of your home for the whole family.

Indoor Smoker Features

Internal Temp

Know right when the meal’s done with the integrated probe.

Superior Materials

High-quality craftsmanship makes Arden durable and will look good anywhere.


Precise amounts of smoke for the best amount of flavor.

Intuitive Design

Guided cooking for the pitmaster looking for a new way to work to the new foodie smoking for the first time.

For California Residents: