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Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Opal makes the chewable, crunchable, flavor-saving nugget ice people love—"the good ice." Opal is an affordable, portable nugget ice maker for the home. It got its start at FirstBuild, where it earned more than $2.7 million during its initial launch period. Opal is now offered through GE Appliances under the GE Profile brand.



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Opal Overview


You may also know this as “the good ice.” FirstBuild launched the Opal Nugget Ice Maker in 2015, and it earned more than $2.7 million through crowdfund site Indiegogo. Opal lived at FirstBuild for several years before becoming the founding product of GE Appliances’ relaunched Small Appliances division.

FirstBuild Community

Opal was co-created with a community of ice enthusiasts—those who drop by their favorite restaurant on the weekend to pick up a bag of that special soft ice, but would rather have their favorite ice at home. The FirstBuild community participated in drink recipe challenges, a design challenge to influence the original form factor, and then supported Opal in a big way during its crowdfund launch.

Opal Accessories

FirstBuild also innovated several Opal-related accessories: the Opal Side Tank, which provides 3x more ice before needing to refill; an Opal Cleaning Kit; Opal Water Filter; an Opal drain extension and more.

FAQ Videos


Hard mineral deposits may not always be visible, but can wreak havoc on sensors.

Before cleaning Opal, turn off and unplug the unit, and let sit for one hour before cleaning.

If you are using a water filter, remove the filter and reinstall the reservoir screen. See if you can dislodge any hard mineral buildup that might be stuck at the top of the ice chute. This residue may not always be visible, but will impede ice production.

Next, fill the reservoir with vinegar to the max fill line, and run up to three cleaning cycles. Or, purchase an Opal Cleaning Kit and follow the instructions inside. 

If using vinegar, leave the vinegar in the unit for 18 hours, and set a vinegar-soaked towel on the ice chute overnight to further dissolve any mineral buildup.

Clean the sensors with vinegar, and wipe clean with water. After draining the vinegar, run three rinse cycles, using fresh water for each rinse.

Remember that filters do not affect water hardness, and water softeners can also create buildup that needs to be cleaned. For the best results, we recommend always using distilled water or a mixture of distilled and tap water with Opal.

See the Use and Care manual for detailed instructions on cleaning Opal. You can download the Use and Care manual here.


To clean the exterior of the ice maker, unplug the product, then use a soft cloth dampened with soapy water to gently clean the exterior surfaces. Dry with a soft cloth.
The exterior stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned with commercially available stainless steel cleaner. Use only a liquid cleaner free of grit and rub in the direction of the brush lines with a damp, soft sponge. Do not use appliance wax, polish, solvents, or chemicals on the stainless steel. Do not use soap to clean the reservoir. Use a soft cloth moistened with water.

The ice bin is HAND WASH ONLY. Drip tray and scoop are dishwasher safe – top rack only.

White powder may form on the surfaces in contact with water. These deposits are calcium and this is normal.

To request further support, please call (866) 907-6718 or email

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