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Expandable Cooling Travel Cooler

Hi team, This is Zach from Spore to Fork Mushrooms. Part of my business is fresh mushroom distribution. Currently, I’m distributing for a local farm, selling some of my own gourmet mushrooms and selling foraged mushrooms as well. My problem is that I don’t have the capacity to deliver my mushrooms at a consistent temperature in an optimally-sized cooler. What I’m curious about exploring with you is an expandable cooler with potential capacity to fill the entire trunk of my car that has the following features: -capacity to vary in size to fit various automobiles -waterproof interior to prevent sweating -an electric-powered cooling system with a battery pack that can be removed and charged overnight and can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter -battery pack would have a power gauge in it in situ or possibly with Bluetooth capabilities to monitor from smartphone -interior cooler temperature monitored with tethered probe -cooling system would activate until gauge reads below 41° then would shut off -when car is off and unit is not plugged in, unit would run off rechargeable battery Feel free to get in touch any time! Thought that if this was even a remote possibility, your team would be the ones to make it happen. Thank you, Zach

Zach Papaleoni

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