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AutoFill Pitcher

The AutoFill Pitcher provides always-ready refreshments and a hands-free experience. Born at FirstBuild—and now found in select refrigerators from GE Appliances.

The AutoFill pitcher is no longer available. If you are interested in this product, join the community for updates!



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What is the AutoFill Pitcher?

With FirstBuild’s AutoFill Pitcher System, you could be ready for a crowd without having to fill your glasses from the fridge one by one! This system integrates water filtration and dispensing into the  refrigerator, making the process more convenient and efficient— filling a whole pitcher at a time. This feature might seem familiar…it was adopted into select GE Appliances refrigerators shortly after launch.


Molds for the filtration system were manufactured in the FirstBuild Microfactory, with 3-D printing technology aiding in this process. 

When the float device senses that the water level is low, it begins to rapidly refill the pitcher with cold water. The feature got picked up by GE Appliances and is now found in select refrigerator models  

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