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Triple Wall Oven

Currently, GE produces a range that has a double oven. (Model PS960YPFS) The top oven is a smaller one, while the lower oven is larger. This has been a great invention for cooks who could use a smaller oven to prepare breads and cookies while the larger oven for hams/turkeys and such. My idea is to use this existing model and make it a WALL OVEN. There are NO wall ovens on the market today that offers this smaller/larger oven. Instead of offering a conventional double wall oven of different sizes, they only offer double ovens that are of the same size. Granted, some offer a microwave/conventional double unit…but NONE for a double conventional with a smaller sized oven. I would enjoy seeing one of these double wall ovens paired with a built in microwave…a 3 door unit. Larger oven on the bottom…smaller oven in the middle…and microwave on top. Or…microwave in the middle or bottom since microwaves would be used most often by everyone in the family. Having the larger oven at a lower level will also prevent items being spilled/dropped causing burns. The microwave wold have a pull down door…just like the two ovens. This would be VERY easy to produce since GE already produces the double oven. What do you think? I really, REALLY would love one!

David Allison

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