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Smart Popcorn Button

When you're making microwave popcorn, have you ever felt like the popcorn button was absolutely useless? It either leaves your bag full of un-popped seeds or it burns it. Some of the fancier ones have options to put in the weight of the bag you're using, but who wants to go searching for that and try to figure out how to navigate through the settings?? They just want to stick their popcorn in, hit a button, walk away, and come back to perfectly savory golden popcorn and enjoy it in peace. This is where the smart popcorn button comes in. It uses a microphone to listen to the popping kernels and stop it at just the right time. It works by counting the number of pops within a two or three second time window and stops when it gets down to a set number. Boom. Perfect popcorn every time.

Peter Westerfeld

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