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Modular Solar-Power, Water, Ice, AC Combo

Using your existing inventions and adapting existing technology, invent a modular plug-and-play system that would enable the next-level of off-grid sustainability. It would be acquired all at once or upgraded based on customer needs. The components of the system would include a solar-power system, a portable air conditioner (See the Icy Breeze and Zero Breeze products), an atmospheric water generator (for consumption and to serve the ice-maker), ice-maker (for consumption and to serve the portable AC.) Combined with your portable grill, this would be a tremendous offering. Thank you for your consideration and please consider me as a beta-tester of your grill and ice-maker. I am building a micro-RV using a Harbor Freight trailer as the base (think tear-drop or off-road camper trailer) and would love to incorporate various methods to install them inside and outside of the RV.

Cisco Camacho

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