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Laundry Hamper Pods

Create a Washer and Dryer that allow the clothes to stay in a hamper the entire time they are being laundered. A consumer would sort their dirty clothes into a hamper. Once the hamper has enough clothes to wash, you place the entire hamper into the washer; no moving each individual article of clothing. Once the washer has completed its cycle, the consumer moves the entire hamper to the dryer (or the washer "drops" the hamper into the dryer). Once the dryer has completed, the user can move the hamper of clean dry clothes to their sorting/folding area. Additionally, you could embed a wirelessly readable tag into the hamper (ex RFID tag) that can then be read by the laundry appliance. That tag could be used to set a particular cycle when that hamper is in use (ex. a towel hamper).


Bobby Lindsey

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