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Humidity Controlled Food Storage

I live in a tropical climate & as a result most dry goods (crackers, cereal, flour, chips, nuts) - basically anything that’s not in a can), has a very short shelf life. That results in bugs in flour, stale cereal, chips & crackers. Spices get clumpy & are rendered useless caused by moisture in the air. Most of the space in my fridge & freezer is taken up by dry goods & not perishables. I’ve always wanted some sort of convenient, easily accessible dry box specifically meant to keep these items fresh. That way that other container acts as a pantry & is separated from items specifically meant for refrigeration. Something that also seals out insects (also common in tropical climates). On that last note, I keep trying to find kitchen cabinets that are capable of being sealed off so whatever scurries around at night doesn’t wander over plates, utensils, pots, etc.

Tracy Griffin

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