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FULLY ADA Compliant Electric Range for Affordable Housing

We are architects and specify ranges all the time. We also do affordable housing projects, which require units to have ADA and adaptable/mobility units. Furthermore, Los Angeles prefers electric units to be more energy-efficient. There are units made that 'comply' with ADA standards meaning that the controls are on the front of the unit. HOWEVER, the units sold are all 36" high to the top, which is flush with a typical home counter, however, ADA commercial requirements for 11B require that counters and work surfaces be 34" above the finished floor. Right now we have to specify a unit that is 2" above the adjacent counter. It looks horrible, and frankly it's not truly compliant. Please make a 34" ADA unit - this should be easy as the bottom/kick could be reduced or even be more adjustable to lower to 34". Please! There is HUGE need for this, and it would be an immediate cost benefit to you as there will be many units built each year to meet the housing needs in our cities and this would be greatly preferable to specify. See attached a photo of the current sad result.

Stephanie Ragle

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