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Constant Water supply attachment for GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker

I would like to suggest that you come up with a side attachment that will hook up to an R/O system and 1/4 supply line. You can make use an NSF certified float, a push to connect fitting a seal and a lock on top cover. Nothing against your design, but as much as we use the icemaker have to constantly refilling the side tank. This is a bit of an unmet customer need and would sell very well. I am going to design a set up something with the Bobby reservoir, some industrial magnets and find the correct water line to eliminate the side tank as a quick fix. I am pretty positive that I can find a nsf float valve to fit inside the side tank base and 3 D print a tank cover to make a clean install. Should be able to make a couple of easy cost effective design changes to make this a reality.

Christopher Pogioli

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