Who We Are

About FirstBuild

GEA’s FirstBuild is a global co-creation community that harnesses the brainpower of the maker movement to change the way major home appliances are conceived, designed and manufactured. A physical state-of-the-art microfactory on the University of Louisville campus and online forum, FirstBuild speeds products from mind to market and enables customization through small batch production, without the costs and risks of traditional mass manufacturing.

Our Mission

Invent a new world of home appliances by creating a socially-engaged community of home enthusiasts, designers, engineers, and makers who will share ideas, try them out, and build real products to improve your life.

Our Values


Everything we do will benefit our community of engineers, designers, fabricators and home enthusiasts. We will empower the individual maker by facilitating innovation from mind to market through a collaborative design-build-sell process.


Knowledge is an abundant resource that we will share with our community. We will strive continuously to engage our community through open dialog and transparency.


Build a sustainable co-creation community through recognition and attribution while advancing the environment, continuously improving the safety and well-being of diverse societies.


We will create value by rapidly delivering better products that improve the lives of our community and our consumers.


We will be honest, fair, and trustworthy in all activities relating to our community and our consumers. We will recognize, value, and exemplify ethical conduct as established by GE Appliances.

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