What Does The Mush Room Do?

Our Mushroom Incubator prototype is engineered to provide an ideal fruiting environment for a variety of mushrooms. We're working to provide:

🍄 Temperature and humidity monitoring and email alerts

🍄 Web-based dashboard for ultimate control to set and automate light, humidity, and air exchange schedules

🍄 Closed-loop humidity control with removable, easy-fill water basin

🍄 Programmable daylight LED illumination schedule

🍄 Air filter with dual inlet fans

🍄 Automated fresh air exchange

🍄 3-sided clear-view acrylic panels

🍄 Stainless steel construction for easy sanitation


Tony Shields, CEO of mushroom company FreshCap, is using his mushroom expertise to help us develop our mushroom incubator.

Watch as he unboxes and reviews our first prototype iteration.


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The Backstory

Danny, an avid mushroom eater and engineer at FirstBuild, was tired of overpaying for mushrooms at the grocery store. In typical FirstBuild fashion, Danny grabbed another FirstBuild engineer and began hacking away at a mushroom incubator prototype.

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