LunaBot's Features

👾 LunaBot is a pet robot you can build yourself

👾 LunaBot helps kids learn about important skills like sequencing, problem-solving, and patience

👾 As kids grow, they can add new abilities to LunaBot like the ability to follow a line, determine what color something is, or detect motion

👾 Families can use household items and other toys to build worlds and then teach LunaBot how to safely navigate through them

👾 LuneBot will even stay at your child's bedside and serve as a nightlight while charging

👾 Code to movement controls, Wi-Fi connectivity, responsive facial emotions, durable exoskeleton

I designed LunaBot to be for my daughter, who is about 5-years old, but really LunaBot is something that would be engaging for an adult or someone all the way down to my daughter's age. It's meant to be easy to use, but technically engaging for any audience.
--Bobby, Senior Software Engineer

Beta-Test LunaBot

We love co-creating our products with experts and product enthusiasts.

If you're interested in helping make the LunaBot awesome by testing and providing feedback on this prototype, click the button below to fill out a short application. We will contact you if your application is accepted. Thanks!


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