Forge Clear Ice System

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338% of goal in 30 days With an incredibly successful launch campaign, the Forge has moved to the production phase

The Forge Clear Ice System is the most remarkable clear ice system in the world.

The Forge Clear Ice Maker and Heated Press fit on your countertop, and make clear ice gems in a matter of hours.

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Features & Benefits

The Self-Contained Clear Ice System

The Forge Clear Ice System is a countertop, stand-alone ice maker. The Forge lives on your home bar, wherever that may be.

MSRP: $1,499

Simple, Sleek, Sophisticated

The Forge produces a pair of large blocks of gem-shaped clear ice at a time, and stores up to 8 gems at the ideal temperature.

The World's First Heated Ice Press

The unique, patent-pending heated ice press transforms each gem into a clear ice sphere in about 90 seconds.

Glass-like Ice Spheres

In the world of fine spirits, every detail is meticulously curated. Forge produces the ice that the world's finest spirits deserve.

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Design and Concept 11/01/2018

We've spent the last year perfecting our clear ice production technology, prototyping our unique heated press, and testing it with experts and friends.

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The Launch Campaign 06/19/2019

The 30-day Launch Campaign lets us know if there is a viable market for the Forge Clear Ice System. When you Pre-Order one of the Forge Packages, you help push this product closer to production.

Production Currently in...

Final technical and design polish. Field testing and small-batch production details are being finalized. The ultimate goal: to deliver to you the highest quality clear ice system, ever.

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Forge Clear Ice Systems are anticipated to be delivered starting Fall 2020. The earlier you pre-order, the sooner you will recieve your Forge Clear Ice System. The first Forge Clear Ice Systems are anticpated to be delivered starting Fall 2020.

Concept Completed 11/01/2018
Launch Campaign Completed 06/19/2019
Production Currently in...
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Shipping 2020
There’s a reason why Forge is the first product I’ve endorsed. Clear ice is a game changer.
-Fred Minnick, Spirits Author, Editor-in-Chief of Bourbon+, and Forge Spokesman

Never miss a single note

Taste fine spirits like you've never tasted them before. Aside from its striking beauty, large spheres of clear ice melt slowly, allowing every flavor and aroma to come through as the beverage evolves, without the impurities and trapped air typically found in cloudy ice.

A revolution in the way clear ice is made

Forge is the most remarkable clear ice system in the world. It brings a level of sophistication to your home bar that will wow your guests and change the way you experience your favorite beverages.

Don't just take it from us ...

"The Forge Clear Ice Sphere is the coolest experience I have ever seen."
Ben Brown Brand Specialist at Brown-Forman

Don't just take it from us...

Tech Specs

Forge Clear Ice System Clear Ice Maker, Heated Ice Press, Ice Tongs
Weight Ice Maker: Approx. 40 lbs; Heated Press: Approx. 12 lbs
Operating Temperature Ice Maker: 65-85 degrees F
Approx. Dimensions Ice Maker: 12"W x 15.5"H x 22"D; Heated Press: 9.5"W x 14"H x 9.5"D
Volts/Frequency/Current Ice Maker: 120V AC/60 Hz/2.5 A; Heated Press: 11 A
Installation Clearance 3", side and back
Reservoir Capacity 1 gallon
Ice Making Rate 2 ice gems / approx. 5-7 hours depending on installation clearance, ambient temperature and starting water temperature
Sphere Making Rate Approximately 90 seconds for each sphere
Product Warranty One year limited warranty

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