Clearly Crafted.

Wow Your Guests

Experience ice in a new form with a heated press designed to be a showpiece on your bar and an automated ice maker that makes consistently clear blocks.

For More Than The Looks

With less impurities and more density, clear ice melts slowly and allows the flavors of your bourbon to blossom.


Create your own clear, crave-able ice in hours at home, then press custom spheres in less than a minute for every serving.

The Proof is in the Taste

We set out to create a device that brings the ice preferred by professional mixologists to your home bar. Developed in Kentucky, Forge is created in the heart of bourbon country for the true bourbon enthusiast.

Clear ice provides more to a drink than simply good looks; it allows you to explore a wider range of the spirit’s flavor profile. For an ice that opens up the flavors, but doesn’t add any other taste, clear is the only option. This freezing process rids the ice of impurities, leading to a denser ice that melts more slowly and does not interfere with the natural nuances of the whiskey.

Meet the Forge Clear Ice System

The Forge Clear Ice System presents clear ice every time for a superior ice experience. The Clear Ice Maker produces two clear blocks at a time in just hours, at the touch of a button. Store up to 6 ice blocks for use throughout the evening or for a gathering of friends.

The Heated Press shapes the block into a perfect sphere, providing the ultimate bourbon experience at home to the envy of top mixologists.

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