What Does The Bee Bath House Do?

Our Bee Bath House is engineered to provide an ideal nesting environment for a variety of solitary bees. We're working to provide:

🐝 Safety from predators

🐝 An optimal nesting environment

🐝 Easy access to drinking water

🐝 Transparent panels for monitoring bee activity

🐝 Untreated wood construction for bee safety

🐝 Replaceable nesting cavity

Setting one of these up in your backyard is a great way to get the whole family involved in conservation, pollination, and observing your bees at any time you want.
-Aaron, bee scientist and enthusiast

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The Backstory

Tiffany began researching bees after realizing there is a large and very passionate community of bee enthusiasts across the globe. After speaking with beekeepers, bee scientists, and bee hobbyists, Tiffany realized the solitary bee community is an impactful but underserved species. Like any good maker, she grabbed some wood and started hacking away at a solitary bee house prototype.

Are you a bee expert or serious enthusiast? We’re interested in co-creating this product with someone who can help us improve the design and feature set. If you think you are qualified, apply to cocreate this product with FirstBuild. If you are selected, we might send our one-of-a-kind prototype to you to test, provide feedback, and iterate on.


Prototyping A Solitary Bee Bath House

Follow along as Tiffany makes, breaks, and delivers an innovative bee bath house.


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