Machines, Tools and Materials

The FirstBuild Microfactory is divided into four sections: an interactive space for brainstorming and product demonstration, a lab for prototyping, a shop to fabricate components, and a build floor where products are assembled.

In addition, we have a large compliment of tools available for you to use. Please check with the FirstBuild team for machine rates.

FirstBuild also stocks and sells a number of materials which you can pickup in our shop.

Below is a list of “main attractions” for each of our Microfactory sections. For a complete list of machines and specifications, visit the FirstBuild Microfactory Wiki.


Conference Rooms, Whiteboards and Co-Working Space

We have a number of spaces throughout the FirstBuild to help you brainstorm, sketch, huddle or hack.




With a build volume 6 x 8 x 3 inches, HandiBotĀ can mill plastics, woods and soft metals like aluminum. More info >



The Makerbots are user-friendly 3D printers that enable you to manufacture realistic prototypes and models on demand. Located in the makerspace, the Makerbots require stl files.

Universal Laser Cutter

LaserĀ Cutter

The Universal laser cutter, located in the makerspace, is a flexible machine that can cut and etch many materials for unparalleled results. Adobe Illustrator files are need to use this laser.

Electronics Benches

Our electronic benches, located in the makerspace, equip you with the electronic tools needed for your prototype. Some of the tools in this section include the Weller Soldering Irons, Sparkfun Rework Stations, Rigol Oscilloscopes and Tektronix DC Power Supply. More info >


Amada Laser

The Amada Laser can quickly and efficiently cut mid to thick metal materials. Due to safety restrictions and the nature of this machine, this Laser is limited to only in-house, authorized operators.
More info >


Water Jet

The Maxiem 450 Water Jet is recommended for cutting aluminum or steel sheet and requires .DXF files. More info >

CNC press/break

CNC Press/Break

The CNC Press Break uses hydraulics to bend sheets of metal. Due to safety restrictions and the nature of this machine, this Press Break is limited to only in-house, authorized operators. More info >


Shop Bot

The Shop Bot is used for cutting, carving, drilling and machining different materials. More info >

Haas CNC Mill

CNC Mill

Our Haas VF-2 CNC mill is a vertical-axis CNC machine that requires Solidworks files. More info >


FirstBuild manufactures and assembles many of it’s products on-site. Visit us for more information.


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