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Steady Scope: The Gyro Stabilized Transducer Mount

The Steady Scope actively adjusts and stabilizes your transducer mount, focusing it on a fixed target, so you can focus less on searching and more on fishing. This highly engineered mount for live imaging systems offers unmatched heading hold stabilization, simple controls, and protection for your expensive transducers. Designed by a fisherman, for fishermen.

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Gus Ford

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Gus Explains The Steady Scope

FirstBuild engineer Gus loves fish. He loves fish so much that he needs to use military-grade technology to help him find them! In this video, Gus explains why he created the Steady Scope and how it can help you seamlessly integrate your boating systems for a superior fishing experience.

Features and Benefits

🐟 Heading hold stabilization

🐟 Engineered design: CNC machined parts

🐟 Double sealed ball bearing system

🐟 Minimal electric draw

🐟 High torque gear driven design: able to hold and rotate at trolling speeds

🐟 Intuitive cable management and protection

🐟 Simple connection and minimalist design

🐟 Non-obtrusive: no unnecessary pedals or wires

The Backstory

Gus has spent a career in consumer product engineering. It’s in his blood and hard to put out of his mind…even out on the lake. As an early technology adopter and avid angler, the frustrating lack of integration between boating systems inspired Gus to search for a better solution.

Starting out as a one-off product for his boat, Gus embraced FirstBuild’s mission of Co-Creation and engaged the fishing community. Together, the Steady Scope idea was quickly refined into a prototype-worthy concept. Thanks to the community’s enthusiasm and co-creation, FirstBuild is working rapidly to develop a sellable product.

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