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The Challenge

FirstBuild’s smokin’ hot design challenge gave community members the opportunity to win cash prizes and bragging rights while showcasing their industrial design talent. We asked contestants to contribute to the look of our newest innovative home appliance: the indoor smoker. Through game-changing technology, the indoor smoker will allow anyone to smoke a variety of foods in the comfort of their own kitchen countertop. The judges have spoken, and the results are in!

The Judging

Our judges were looking for a creative and unique design that looks great in the kitchen and offers a wonderful user experience. In this video, the judges describe what they were looking for when evaluating the designs:

Though the competition was fierce, the moment we have been waiting for has come! It’s time to announce the winners of FirstBuild’s Indoor Smoker Challenge! All of the designs were straight fire, but these winners had what it took to smoke out the competition.

The Winners

Bronze: SMOKiN

indoor smoker smokin

The 3rd place winner of $500 is Ben Partouch with “SMOKiN.”

Judges like the flexibility in concept direction and this model’s unique look. It is a well-thought-out design that considers both industrial design and engineering specs.

Silver: Billow

indoor smoker billow

The 2nd place winner of $1500 is Paul Slagle with “Billow.”

Judges like the controls, simplicity, and clean lines. The appearance is clean and modern while keeping manufacturing costs low.

Gold: Rook

indoor smoker rook

The 1st place grand prize winner of $3,000 and bragging rights goes to Daniel Hiscoke with “Rook.”

Judges like the novel user experience and diverse concepts provided. The slide-out feature is different and easy to use. Significant thought was put into the functionality and management of smoke.

Community Favorite: The Barrel

The Community Favorite winner of an Opal Nugget Ice Maker is Cory Nation with “The Barrel.” Many community members commented that they like the aesthetic of the barrel and see it as a conversation starter.

FirstBuild thanks everyone who participated in our latest design challenge. If you would like to view all of the entries in full detail you can download the Giddy app. Congratulations to the winners!

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