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We started Friday, April 10th off with 282 people entering FirstBuild for the event kickoff. Everyone snagged bean bags, chairs, and stood listening to all of our sponsors tell everyone how to win their prize. Once the participants knew how to win, they began forming teams. FirstBuild had created signs that had potential projects that teams could work on, but we had plenty of blanks so that teams that already had a project could just focus on finding a diverse team. That’s when the real work began. In 36 hours, teams took an idea, and made it into reality. In the end, 107 participants were on teams that won the following prizes:

Convection Oven Coffee Roaster 1st ($5000) FirstBuild

Water Dispense App w/ Voice Activation 2nd ($3000) FirstBuild + 3rd ($250) Renesas

Connected Crockpot w/ WebCam3rd ($1000) FirstBuild +1st (Quadcopter) Renesas

Wifi Baby Monitor w/ Mood Sensing – ($3000) Intel + (Nest) VIA Studio

USB Baking Soda Fan, Fridge Door Opener – ($2000) Iotivity +3rd ($250) Delta + 2nd ($250) Shakeproof

Garden Cabinet – ($1500) + (LG TV) Allseen Alliance + (Maker Kit) + (Bit Kit) ShopBot

Connected Shower Head – 1st ($1000) Delta + 1st (Quadcopter) Atmel + (Dev Kit) Texas Instruments

Premix Soap Levels into water – 2nd ($500) Delta + (Dev Kit) Sensirion

Freeze-Prevention Temperature Faucet Drip 3rd ($250) Delta

Revolution Counting Drill – AT&T Best Mobile App ($400) + (Tool Set) Milwaukee Tool

FitBit linked refrigerator compartment1st ($600) Shakeproof

Timed Raising Pasta Colander 3rd ($150) Shakeproof

Beverage Sensing Door Bin2nd (Dev Kit) Atmel + (Smart Home Kit) SmartThings

Refrigerator Table 2nd ($500) Renesas

Refrigerator Inventory Shelf -(Makerbot) MakerBot

Connected Umbrella Stand – (Ember) Autodesk Fusion 360

Safe Tea Oven Monitor – (LG TV) Allseen Alliance

Auto-Open Refrigerator – (Dev Kit) Cypress

Voice Activated Fridge Inventory – (Dev Kit) HiFiBerry


There was only one prize that was not awarded during the Mega Hackathon. FirstBuild wanted to give our community a chance to vote on their favorite project. The winner is:

Fresh Pad – ($1000) FirstBuild

The best part about the projects created during the Mega Hackathon, is that you can continue working on them with us. Just click on your favorite project above and start commenting on the project.


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