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The Top Shelf is the newest, and most secretive, area of FirstBuild…but not anymore. We wanted to give everyone a quick preview of the (still evolving) top space of FirstBuild. The “Top Shelf” is located in the makerspace area, right above the doors that take you into the makerspace. The area was previously used for storage and quickly became a dirty, dusty, and barren area.


Not anymore! We’ve transformed the “Top Shelf” to be a retro wonderland; complete with bean bags, a Nintendo 64, original Xbox, a foosball table, and even a plaid couch. But that just a start, we plan to expand the area to include a shag rug, ping pong table, projector, and possibly even a bumper pool table.


Beyond some of the more materialistic plans of the “Top Shelf”, we also plan to host our upcoming web series “Internet of Tiles” up above our makerspace. We’re looking for some cool ideas for the show, so if you’d like to be involved or see one of your ideas on the show, click here.


Currently, the “Top Shelf” is off limits to the general public (until we can get the appropriate safety clearance). Until then, we’d like to hear your ideas for what to do to improve the “Top Shelf”. Strobe light? Juke Box? Let us know!


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