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After weeks of tweaking and tuning, the pizza oven is up and running again at FirstBuild. A couple months ago, we were cooking pizza after pizza in the oven; as flour and toppings began to accumulate on the pizza stone inside of the oven, it started to smoke excessively. The smoke then set off the smoke alarm and the fire department was quickly on the scene. There was no fire, just smoke that had found its way out of the front of the oven and up towards the ceiling. The fire department left and we what we were left with was a problem…a problem that needed to be solved. So, we went back to the drawing board and started figuring out solutions for our smoke problem.


We’re happy to say that after weeks of work, the pizza oven has returned and smoke no longer appears to be an issue. As you can see in the clip below, the smoke is forced back into the oven by air, essentially functioning like an air curtain. The air then moves through a catalytic converter in the roof of the oven where the smoke is eliminated, pretty cool huh?

With the recent advancements of the pizza oven, we started cooking pizzas again. In five days we’ve probably cooked close to 100 pizzas, with the help of our pizza expert Michael DiLauro. He has cooked countless pizzas in his life and was worked on just about as many different pizza ovens as a person could count. So, with the oven working again, we thought we should have the fire department over again…this time as invited guests, not responders.


We cooked several pizzas for the firefighters and showed them the safety advancements we made to the over. We even threw a little bit of extra flour and toppings in there to show how the oven deals with containing and eliminating smoke. All in all, the lunch went very well and the firefighters left full and impressed by the performance of the pizza oven.


If you want to check out the pizza oven yourself, drop by FirstBuild and take a look. You can also visit the project page and check out all of the discussion surrounding the pizza oven and even contribute your ideas, they may just help us improve the oven.

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