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The Louisville Table made its official debut recently as Jakub Szczęsny, the artist that created the table, unveiled it to a small group at FirstBuild and later, to the public, at Zephyr Gallery. The table itself was the product of the “Artist-in-residence” program, created by IDEAS 40203, which places an artist in a business and tasks them with creating a work of art.


The idea for the table stemmed from Jakub’s desire to create something “uniquely Louisville”, something that could become a place for social interaction and creativity. Jakub solicited ideas from the community in order to make this a truly communal work of art.


The table is made of American Cherry wood and has an induction cooktop built into the top surface. The idea was to be able to cook, serve, and eat without having to leave the table. It also has three drawers, one for heating, one for cooling, and another which can be used for storage space.


This marks the first time that an artist has been placed within a GE related business and worked with its employees to create an art piece. The table was the product of months of work by numerous people, not just the artist.


The table is currently being sold as a limited edition art piece and was even hand signed by the artist himself.

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