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A simple thing, a complex challenge

If you think about a clear piece of ice – where does your mind go? Perhaps an icicle? Maybe an impossibly still lake, frozen gradually as the winter takes hold? Nature is the ultimate perfectionist – and is nearly impossible to match. But we do love a good challenge and this one is deceptively simple:

“Make high-quality, clear ice spheres, repeatedly and quickly.”

To understand the complexities of reaching clear ice, many off-the-shelf options were first tested and tried, but then discarded. Many ingenious options – like vacuum canisters and novel freezer molds – were conceived and prototyped – but they all fell short of our high bar. Industry standards like unheated presses were considered “not good enough”. And yet, we did not relent.

One thing remained clear: The community’s interest in clear ice

Through the dogged pursuits of a committed team, the clear ice challenge began at FirstBuild. Our team grew as the challenge continued to unfold, to include advanced systems engineers, community members and FirstBuild’s in-house experts.

Slowly and deliberately, progress was made and challenges were met. After many iterations, we had created the world’s first heated ice press – it can make jaw-dropping ice spheres from ice blocks in about a minute, and be ready for the next one right away. And then, the crucial breakthrough: consistently clear ice blocks created in just hours in a countertop ice maker.

Combined together, these two high-quality appliances are what make the Forge Clear Ice System.

It’s the result of decades of experience, thousands of hours of design and experimentation, and the passion of our community.

Born of the desire to create something unique, the Forge Clear Ice System is the hallmark of true craft: Curiosity. Passion. Artistry.

We hope you will enjoy.

Join us on the journey

The Forge Clear Ice System will be available for pre-order Summer 2019. To follow the journey and be the first to know as we reveal exclusive content and product updates, follow @forgeclearice on Instagram and Facebook, or sign up for our Forge Clear Ice Insider email list.

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